Mumarq Interiorismo y Arquitectura - Arquitectura Sede Cáritas Murcia

New Headquarter for the Caritas Diocese in Murcia


Constructed surface above ground level: 1.054,52 m2

Constructed surface below ground level: 609,52 m2

Budget: 1.170.450 €

Developer: Cáritas Diocesana de la Región de Murcia

Murcia. 2010

The block

The initial requirement of this construction was the need to locate the general services of the Region of Murcia’s Caritas in a single building, in order to speed up and facilitate the work carried out, along with the daily treatment of people and the large organisational meetings.

To achieve this, the building is distributed on a ground floor with quick and direct access where the attention to users can be carried out, with a great waiting room illuminated by a large skylight and reception offices, while it is also in said floor that we locate a large auditorium for meetings and work sessions.

The private work area is located on the upper floors, with the different departments forming the perimeter, taking advantage of natural light and views, and with a large meeting room in the centre to facilitate the relationship among them.

The exterior combines stone at its base, perforated metal sheet on the upper floors, which protects the large windows from the private work area, and exposed concrete for the service area, all united through glass.

The colour red, characteristic trait of Caritas, on the metal sheet, highlights its identity and places it in its surroundings.

Mumarq Interiorismo y Arquitectura - Arquitectura Sede Cáritas Murcia